So many things impact on us as we go through our daily lives – the stresses & strains of everyday living often leaves us feeling worn down & tired out & if we do not take care of ourselves, can result in dis-ease: so when looking at how best I can help Clients who come to me I look to treat the whole person, that is to help the mind, body & spirit of the person. My sole aim is to relieve those stresses & suffering & help that person restore themselves to better health & feeling good.

For certain conditions I use Energy Therapies for my Clients because time after time they see & feel the most amazing beneficial results.
These Energy Therapies may take the form of receiving healing energy through a light touch as required or through gently tapping certain energy meridian points to bring the body’s energy system back to flowing normally: both help the body to heal itself in a natural non-toxic way & help the Client to feel better. These Energy Healing therapies include Quantum-Touch Technique and the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

For other conditions it is more appropriate to use Hypnotherapy either on its own or with NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Here the Client is helped to make positive changes or reframe problems & behaviours so that they can benefit & feel better about themselves & good about life in general.

All therapies are discussed before treatment so that you, the Client, know what to expect.

For more details please feel free to contact me in any of the following ways:-

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